Witch Essentials

Vector Work

Drawing a little bit of magical girl influence and a little bit of modern lore, I developed this pattern and assets to compliment a variety of fabric based merchandise items.

Each item was crafted in a vector format so that sizes, colors and assets could be updated based on different projects or merchandise. I chose the purple field for its rich color and how it compliments the established tone of the items.

While I make many products in the Lightning and Lace studio, tiled assets are easily streamlined to cut-and-sew companies like Printful in order to be drop shipped to customers directly.


Finding the right avenue for delivering an item in a timely manner is important for both the longevity of a product line as well as overall customer satisfaction. By partnering with fulfillment services for drop-shipping has both improved my sales as well as helped me reach a wider audience with perpetual listings on both my website and other sales channels.