Dress up your 3DS as Sailor Mercury's super-computer to show your love for Sailor Moon. Or, turn it into the perfect prop for your next cosplay! ★


The road for offering these cases was a long one. We went through many, MANY iterations to find a design that was as durable as it was beautiful. We are excited to announce that we've chosen a method that is a cost effective, durable solution for 'Mercury lovers and GameBoy aficionados alike.


Each aluminum case is coated in a matte aqua that compliments the original color of the regular 3DS. (The case also covers most any other color of 3DS.)  The Sailor Mercury symbol is etched onto the case with the design becoming gold via a vinyl sticker. The etched symbol creates an easy placement guide for the durable gold sticker. We're including two stickers with each case. More stickers available on request, while they last! 


You can either leave the case as is and have a beautiful frosted Mercury symbol, cover it with a vinyl stickers, or take the stickers and put them on something else entirely. The choice is yours! However, you will always have a beautiful, permanently etched symbol available to you on this case Mercury case. (Gameboy NOT included!)

Mercury's Super-computer 3DS Case


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