The Sword of Promised Victory, Excalibur... a beautiful, wearable, miniature version of it at least!

Our recent pick up of Fate: Grand Order has been so much fun! All the different aspect of Fate are exciting, and many of the designs are exquisite. Here we have our take on an Excalibur design created from silver mirror, gold metallic, dark blue double matte and dark blue 1/8" acrylic.

Each comes on a dark blue 20" necklace cord with 2" extender and golden hardware. Each measures 3.5" long and 1" wide at the hilt. ★

Fate: Grand Order - The Sword Excalibur Necklace

  • Please store your acrylic jewelry in a safe place when not in use to preserve the material surfaces and prevent scratches. Please keep your jewelry out of direct contact with makeups and lotions.

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