Hook this onto the keys you care about so you'll always have them for a cold drink. Typically drive to AdeptiCon? Hitch them to your car-keys to keep next year on the horizon!


We've been traveling to Adepticon steadily for the past three years and have loved being part of the large, welcoming comminuity. You can typically find Clay and me over at the hobby area, painting our next crystal brush winners!!! (May the CB rest in sweet little plastic pieces.) We were sad to hear of the cancellation, but Lightning and Lace is glad to help YOU grab the swag that you know you want! Here we have a single sided keychain with a full color AdeptiCan't logo pressed onto the recess, created in our Huntsville, AL shop. That's right, we drive 9 hours to Adepticon! I hope we'll get to make the trip again soon.


Please allow at least a week for prep and shipping. Thank you for helping small businesses during this time!

AdeptiCan't 2020 Commemorative 1.5" Bottle Opener Keychain