Water Pump

for Generac

For my final semester at Auburn University our class was partnered with Generac who tasked up with design exploration of water pumps that would fit with their branding.

The design of my water pump focused on the initial ease of transport, as well as the end-of-use process of clearing the remaining water out of the pump. The large hinged bar swings up to for a handle for easy, ergonomic rolling, and folds back down again for storage.

Designers from Generac met multiple times with us over the semester and reviewed our presentations on our progress and provided feedback to our class.

One of the features that I designed into this pump was to use the balancing nature of the pump to dispose of the excess water inside. A small step in the front allowed the user to leverage their weight when tipping the product forward, easily allowing them to drain the water inside before storing the pump.

The entire class and our designed traveled from Auburn, Alabama to Waukesha, Wisconsin for a final presentation before the board members and designers of Generac.