Gear Grids for

Card Management

Kingdom Death: Monster is a boutique nightmare horror game with an incredible range of miniatures and a robust, individual card system for weapon and item synergy. The core game supplies the "survivors" with four 3x3 paper grids upon which to arrange their gear.

While playing the game many of the flaws in this system became apparent to our playgroup. We had trouble moving or storing the card sheets, keeping them straight on the paper grids and heaven forbid the errant bump to the play surface!

I designed these grids to address these pain points. The cards remain safely nested in their acrylic cubbies in the case of table arrangement or packing up for the day. The openings in between the cards assist players in easily removing and replacing cards in different arrangements on the grids.

These grids have gone through many iterations to keep them both functional and cost effective. The latest version ships to customers as a keep for quick and easy assembly. This mitigates the assembly time in our shop, and transfers that savings onto the customer.