3D Miniature Base Work

I created five different base designs for local game shop owner and professional painter Clay Williams of Mastermind Model and Miniatures for his work "Lucky Hand".

The design involved creating a textured card that would match the style of of the harlequin model for a five model "kill-squad" from Games Workshop's Warhammer 40,000.

The cards were flexed into different positions to add variety to the bases of the different models depending on the card and suit with which they were paired.

These model files were printed on my resin based 3D printer in order to retain their detail at a miniature size.

The display stand of the final models was also laser cut and sublimated by Lightning and Lace to provide a stable and clean environment from which the models could be judged. Clay Williams won 3rd place for this squad at Adepticon 2018 in Chicago, Illinois against some of the top painters from around the world.